Valentina Zucchi and Paolo D'Altan, Rosso, 2016

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Piccole storie di colori, a new book series of the PiPPo series, created in collaboration with the Civic Museums of Florence, begins with red, the prince of colors. Red is proud, lively, powerful. It evokes fire, blood and love. Better, however, to speak in the plural, because there are many reds: purple, crimson, red lead, cinnabar, scarlet, vermilion, carmine and many others. We will investigate the presence of red in the works of large and small artists, to learn about art and learn its history through observation and drawing exercises.

Valentina Zucchi and Paolo D’Altan, Rosso
Topipittori, 2016
22 x 32 cm
32 pages
Italian, English

ISBN 9788898523429


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