Bruno Munari, Saluti e baci, 2021

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Saluti e baci – Esercizi di evasione is one of the examples of how Bruno Munari’s imagination could reinvent any cue from reality, turning it into a game. Postcards reinvented and “personalized” through games of cuts and inserts, and reconstructions with funny notes in the margin. All you have to do is follow the braid of pink thread that emerges from the cover to get lost in upside-down crypts, church gables submerged in the sea, and Leonardo’s Last Supper as the backdrop to a concert. This is the fourth reprint of the volume published for the first time in 1992 for the Block Notes series created by Munari for Corraini in 1992: a free collection of projects with creative implications.

Bruno Munari, Saluti e Baci

Corraini, 2021

Prima Edizione: 1992

12,00 x 16,00 cm

96 pagine

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ISBN:  9788875706746