Sebastián Bruno , Ta-ra, 2023

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In the working-class communities of South Wales, “ta-ra” is another way of saying goodbye. This sets the stage for Sebastián Bruno’s photographic series shot between 2013 and 2022 in towns and cities across South Wales, including Cardiff, Barry Island, Swansea, and Abertillery. Argentine by birth, Bruno spent several years in the United Kingdom completing his degrees in Documentary Photography at the University of South Wales. The black-and-white portraits of people and views of streets and buildings have a pure and unadorned quality about them. Some of his subjects return the camera’s gaze, while others seem aloof and distant, perhaps already somewhere else.

Sebastián Bruno, Ta-ra

Ediciones Anómalas, 2023

First edition

144 pages

22 x 27 cm

Hard cover

ISBN 9788409512928

Spanish and English


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