Rvm Magazine, THE BLACK ISSUE, 2019

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“This time we took the colour too seriously: the Black Issue became our black hole, it sucked us in, chewed and spat us out in a different temporal plane, in a place where the accumulated delay turned into awareness. But here we are with our third release, which follows the Red Issue and the White Issue.” – Rvm Magazine.


Photographers and illustrators: Laura Pannack, Katrin Koenning, Sarker Protick, Michele Palazzi, Mayumi Suzuki, Piergiorgio Casotti, Emanuele Brutti, Sakiko Nomura, Mathias Depardon, Mary Frey, Fatemeh Baigmoradi, Marco De Masi
Collaborators: Mauro De Bonis (Limes) Clement Saccomani, Alessandra Piolotto, Giulia Zorzi, Cat Lachowskyj
Writers: Vins Gallico, Paolo Di Paolo, Francesca Scotti, Andrea Pomella, Mariasole Ariot
Artwork cover and headline lettering: Sunday Büro
Project openings: Studio Mistaker

Rvm Magazine – The Black Issue, n.3


23 x 30 cm
160 pages, 20 stories (14 x 30 cm), softcover

Italian, English

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