RVM Magazine, THE RED(O) ISSUE, 2017

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Rvm, is a documentary-photography magazine, and other narratives (stories, illustration, insights) and, with the Redo Issue, it is renewed from the ground up: it becomes independent with the establishment of the RVM Hub publishing house, a new editorial staff, new collaborations, new themes and new graphics – created by the Art Director Francesca Pignataro.

Starting from Red, we decided to investigate the contemporary using a series of colors as mediums – almost as if they were photographic filters, useful for unraveling a reality that is often difficult to understand – and to which, number by number, we will ask to accompany us during our time, helping us to interpret it. The color red, in three variations, recurs throughout the magazine, starting with the cover artwork created by Sunday Büro, in which the title (The Red Issue) and its double (Redo) appear and disappear, with the overlap of the attached pvc sheet. The same sheet will accompany you in the inside of the magazine, revealing hidden contents between shades and pattern textures, designed by Studio Mistaker. Conceived according to the parameters of the magazine / book with a fluid identity, Rvm Magazine is a publication to collect and reread, embellished with an unusual tactile experience, given by the use of eight different papers, each chosen to better marry with the images and the words that are imprinted on it. Going into the contents, the main body of the magazine is made up of the five Projects by Davide Monteleone, Carlotta Cardana, Sanne De Wilde, Robin Hammond, Guram Tsibakhashvili, which interpret the theme red, closely linked with 5 short stories: we asked five contemporary authors (Nicola Ravera Rafele, Claudia Durastanti, Roberto Mandracchia, Paola Soriga, Giulia Caminito) to write an unpublished story inspired by the photographic project which it has been associated with. Each story, starting from the suggestions aroused by the photographs, follows its own path, taking on an autonomous shape. Shorter, but equally relevant are the seven columns that follow one another in the second part of the magazine: David Campany with In Redspective presents the works of Fred Herzog, Tod Papageorge and Harry Gruyaert analyzing the use of red in their Kodachrome films. Guido Guidi and John Gossage converse with images in The Match, the column dedicated to the exchange of letters between two great authors. In Hidden Archive, Clement Saccomani shows us an unpublished Alberto Korda, which goes beyond the famous Guerrillero Heroico. In Review, Giulia Zorzi analyzes Todd Hido’s Motel Club Deep America; Photo Trouvée is the atlas of cartographic narratives that Alessandra Piolotto will reveal to us at each release. Parallel to photography and literature, illustration also appears in Rvm Magazine: Andrea Bozzo gives new life to a famous shot that portrays the great Italian politician Enrico Berlinguer in Icons, a column edited by Sara Sanzi and dedicated to the reinterpretation of iconic photos. Finally, The Image After, “from the frame to photography and back, in continuous oscillation”: Alessia Moretti begins her journey between cinema and photography.

Rvm Magazine – The Red(o) Issue, n.1


23 x 30 cm, 14 x 21.5 cm (stories)
pages: 136 + 20 (stories), softcover

Italian, English

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