AA. VV., Topor. Tod und Teufel, 1985

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One of the most splendid visual overviews published on Roland Topor’s illustrated career, this over-sized book was produced on the occasion of the major survey exhibition of the great French illustrator, author, humorist, satirist, play-write, actor, poet, painter, performer, sculptor, in 1985. Opening with Topor’s illustration for Fellini’s Casanova (1975) and closing with a portrait of Topor urinating by artist Pol Bury, this wonderful book encompasses everything between via the penmanship of one of Europe’s greatest illustrators. Densely illustrated with examples of his personal and commercial work, for film, theatre, magazine, poster, and much more. Texts in German by Topor and others, including cartoonist/satirist Ronald Searle and fellow “Mouvement Panique” founder Fernando Arrabal.

AA. VV., Topor. Tod und Teufel

Diogenes, 1985

curated by Gina Kehayoff e Christoph Stölzl

32 x 24.5 cm

255 pagine

Soft cover

ISBN: 9783257020090