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Anouk Kruithof, Trans Human Nature, 2021

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trans human nature cover

In Trans Human Nature Anouk Kruithof merges the spirit and strength of the Amazon’s jungle nature with next level intelligence of trans-human life. On the background, the ongoing global humanitarian crisis and the climate catastrophe provoked by technological ‘advancement’ lurks like a predator under the water surface. Some last plastic remnants testify of future and present modes of life, like the dreams and memories of the robots that have started to merge with humankind and the natural world on earth. The works in Trans Human Nature function as hybrid identities of our questionable future that open gateways to a more fluid world. One could see its beautiful complexities of humanity and the natural world aren’t separated and codified with borders, but keep breathing while showing the nerves of the world around us.

Anouk Kruithof, Trans Human Nature

Book concept & design: Doris Boerman & Anouk Kruithof

Text: Mathilde Roman

Publisher Anouk Kruithof, 2021

96 pages

24 x 32 cm


ISBN 9789081708128