Salvi Danés, TRANSMONTANUS, 2014

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Transmontanus, the Latin term meaning “beyond the mountains”, is an allusion to the wind coming from the Pyrenees that characterises the Catalan region of the Empordà, not only defining its identity but also bringing change and erosion.

Transmontanus is both a journal and a journey back to a landscape we knew as children. The journal describes a rediscovery: going back to that landscape and seeing it from a perspective that time has changed forever, and recognising that neither we nor our landscapes will ever be the same again.

Salvi Danés (Barcelona, 1985) studied at the Institut d’Estudis Fotogràfics de Catalunya (Catalonia School of Photographic Studies) focussing on documentary photography. His work has earned recognition at national and international competitions, for example winning the WSPA 2008 prize, the College Photographer of the Year, 2011and the FNAC “New Talent in Photography”. His work has been seen in publications such as FOAM, Camera Austria and the British Journal of Photography.

Transmontanus counted on the participation of Galeria Tagomago and Institut d’Estudis Fotogràfics de Catalunya.

Salvi Danés
Editiones Anomalas

Soft cover

15 x 20 cm


ISBN: 9789873751226

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