Don DeLillo, Underworld, 2014

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A novel that explodes the history, myths and daily life of post-war America and reassembles its remains. In a whirlwind alternation of eras and figures, DeLillo builds a puzzle of narrative sequences where protagonists and extras have the same space, where fictional characters coexist with Lenny Bruce and J. Edgar Hoover, the powerful head of the FBI. Following the hands of a baseball, the relic of a famous match between the Giants and the Dodgers, you end up from coast to coast, from ethnicity to ethnicity, in a collective destiny dominated by images and waste. Nuclear waste, generic garbage, sentimental, erotic, artistic fetishes. A fresco of the America of yesterday, today and tomorrow as in the best films of Altman, but with the added strength of a writing that has made this novel define “the masterpiece of contemporary American literature”.

Don De Lillo, Underworld

Super ET, 2014

Second edition

Translation by Delfina Vezzoli

13,5 x 20,9 cm

886 pages

Flexible cover


ISBN 9788806219215