Fabio Tasca, YEMEN – RIHILA, 2017

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The photographic project contained in the book Yemen Rihla is a testimony to a not particularly tumultuous period of the tormented Arab state, placed halfway between the reunification and the Arab Spring and the subsequent bloody civil war.
The photographs were taken with a medium-sensitivity film with a slight grain that emphasizes the rough surfaces that characterize the harsh Yemeni environment.
The choice of the landscape format, combined with the frequent use of wide-angle lenses, arises from the need to highlight the vastness of the landscape while trying to melt in it the human figures that often appear truncated, cut and partial.

Fabio Tasca, Yemen Rihla
Artphilein Editions

2017, First edition/120 copies
11 x 24 cm
88 pages, softcover

English / French

ISBN: 9788894084351