December 2021

Presentation Thursday December 9th,

Book presentation Lorenzo Castore, Glitter Blues BLOW UP PRESS

“I can’t even count the number of years I’ve spent on this doorstep, and it’s even more difficult for me to imagine the number of men who have crossed it.It seems like yesterday, when – my fate still uncertain, not so my beauty as a young woman – I first came to this isolated house, in search of a future. It may seem strange to try to define your own life based on

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November 2021

Saturday 27th November,

An evening with Erik Kessels in collaboration with door

On the occasion of his workshop at door, "Personality and Passion in your Photobook", Erik Kessels will be Leporello's special guest for the evening of Saturday, November 27th, where he will present and talk about the photobooks he has published as an editor and curator over the past years.During the meeting, in his classic "meet and greet" style, he will focus on his narrative and editorial process and the design of his work. Kessels is a camera

November 2021

On the road Friday 19 - Sunday 21 November,

The Art Chapter BASE, Milano

The Art Chapter - milano art book fair, dedicated to experimentation and editorial research linked to contemporary art, will be held from 19 to 21 November 2021 at BASE on the occasion of Book City Milano and Photo Vogue Festival.The Art Chapter is the result of the synergy between BASE Milano, the city's creative and cultural promotion centre, and Studio Boîte. In recent years, the contemporary art scene has witnessed a renewed focus on publish