May 2021

#LeporellowednesdaytakeoverPresentation Wednesday 19 May / Thursday 20 May,

Elisa Abela, 23 Drawings For Adults Only

How are babies born? How are the drawings born? How do bodies reproduce graphically, and how do humans and other animals mate? Elisa Abela plays by superimposing the questions of life and art, combining great existential questions and occasional riddles, but also declining the contents that adults reserve for themselves with childish language. 23 Drawings For Adults Only is a catalog of snapshots, scribbles in pencil or with wax colors, imprinted on pa

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May 2021

#LeporellowednesdaytakeoverPresentation Wednesday 12th May / Thursday 13th May,

Leonardo Magrelli, West of Here

At first glance the work looks like a classical photographic survey of Los Angeles, following in the footsteps of the many great photographers who worked in that city. But with a closer look, the book reveals more. Collected from the web, edited, cropped and turned to black and white by the author, all the images are originally taken by different users around the world playing Grand Theft Auto V —a video game se

April 2021

ExhibitionThrough the book(s) Opening Tuesday May 4th, 4-8 pm,

Tomaso Clavarino and Patrizio Anastasi, Ballad Of Woods And Wounds curated by Studio Faganel

The Monferrato and Roero Woods, the limits imposed by confinement, the exploration of oneself and the natural environment, in a closed dialogue between the photographs of Tomaso Clavarino and the illustrations of Patrizio Anastasi, which confront each other, resemble each other, and overlap. Ballad Of Woods And Wounds is a stream of consciousness, an investigation into pure places lived during a period of tension and disorientation, namely the lockdown in Italy, an