January 2021

#LeporellowednesdaytakeoverPresentation Wednesday January 20th and Saturday January 23rd, 4-8 pm,

Colori by Giovanna Ranaldi

A volume of the Piccola Pinacoteca Portatile designed to play with color and deepen its many secrets. Through the words and images of great ancient and modern painters, Giovanna Ranaldi invites the reader to know the origins and names of colors, narrating the events, the discoveries, the works that made their history. An agile volume, which proposes to young budding artists exercises of observation, drawing, imagination, and gives the first rudiments to learn ho

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December 2020

Exhibition Tuesday December 15th, 4-8 pm,

Platero y yo, ELSE edizioni

Platero is small, hairy, sweet: so soft on the outside that it seems all cotton, without bones. Only the mica mirrors in his eyes are hard as two black glass beetles. […] With these words Juan Ramón Jiménez introduces Platero to the reader.In the background, the Andalusian countryside and nature, in the foreground there is the donkey Platero, the deep friendship and equal relationship that binds him to the child poet,

December 2020

#Leporellowednesdaytakeover From Monday December 7th to Saturday December 12th ,

The “language of birds” and other animal stories, from a takeover with Zaziedogzine

There are various traditions speaking of a mysterious language called the "language of birds", a perfect or divine language that put these animals, inhabitants of the skies, in contact with the absolute, or even more with an originary state of nature. It seems that Adam and Eve spoke the language of animals and plants, but that after the infamous original sin they no longer remember a word. For us, the language of animals pa