January 2023

Exhibition Wednesday 15 February,

Office Figures, by Bärbel Praun

When I had moved into my studio in 2019 I was told that the building, probably from the 60ies in an industrial area of Hamburg and once a custom office, will be torn down soon to build a new living and shopping area. The room itself was small, squared and had a kind of platform at the two windows where I imagine the clerk sat at their desk. The floor was a yellowish-brown linoleum an

Books selection

January 2023

Workshop Saturday 18 and Sunday 19 February,

Observe, collect, reduce, reuse – Photographic exercises related to book making, with Bärbel Praun

max 8 participants200 euroinfo and subscriptions: info@leporello-books.com Bärbel Praun is a visual artist working at the intersection of photography, sculpture and performance. Her current bodies of work deal with her obsession with the climate crisis, the pollution and exploitation of the Earth, which deeply influences the content and methodology of her work. Using found objects, she creates ephemeral sculptures and installations that address the relationship between object, material and space

December 2022

Presentation Tuesday 20 December, 7 pm,

Gilles Raynaldy, Welcome my friend – The Jungle of Calais published by Spector books and Le Point du Jour

Gilles Raynaldy’s second photobook, Welcome my Friend, retraces an experience he had in the territory of the “Jungle of Calais” over the nine months preceding the evacuation of the refugees in October 2016. About eighty analogue photographs (both colour and black and white), along with excerpts from his journal, constitute a sedimentary memory. The book unfolds like a movie, following the rhythm of his wandering and the passage of the seasons: little b