November 2022

Presentation Wednesday, November 23, 7 p.m.,

Angelo Vignali, How to Raise a Hand published by Witty Books

How To Raise a Hand is a project that came about through the discovery of a box containing 313 black-and-white prints of Angelo Vignali's father’s fingers, who passed away in 2018. To re-establish a dialogue with his parent, the artist begins to work with these fragments of his hand. Moving between touch and vision, Vignali creates an intimacy that becomes tangible again through a collaboration between imagination and haptic perception. Something new emer

Books selection

October 2022

On the road Sunday, November 6,

Second edition of Incontri visivi in the ex Mattatoio of Rome , you’ll find us there with a selection of books

Photographers’ References books volume 1: David Goldblatt One of South Africa’s master photographers, David Goldblatt goes over his carreer, his country, his productions, and his books, in a conversation with Baptiste Lignel. From the early days as an editorial photographer for local magazines in the 1950s to his international reconnaissance as a major author and analyst of the complexities of his home country. An in-depth exploration of his work with an insigh

October 2022

Presentation Saturday November 5th, 7 pm,

Lorenzo Castore 2001-2007 | Lack & Longing, published by L’Artiere

"In 2001, I was living in Rome and didn’t really know where to turn. I was 27 years old and I had been doing photography in my own way for some time already, but I wasn’t sure how it could turn into something more concrete. In the meantime, I was trying to gain experience, earn a bit of cash in any way possible, and improve my technique. I was going to Silesia in Poland regu