September 2021

Presentation Wednesday 22nd September,

Leporello’s shopwindow Tutto and Fiori, by Marta Laureti artist books and original polaroids showcase

"Tutto and Fiori belong to my very first works in Polaroid600 Round Gold Frame series. I consider these works as a possible result of actions that determined their form, and that led me to investigate the performative capacity I can have with space.I was interested in the use of the Polaroid for the possibility of returning to a zero degree of the gaze of deconstructing the act of photographing." Marta Laureti graduates in A

Books selection

September 2021

Presentation Wednesday September 15th,

Book presentation + books display in our shopwindow Varco Appennino, by Simone Donati curated and designed by Fiorenza Pinna published by Witty Books

I visit villages to understand how they are doing.But even prior to that, I visit them to understand where they are located: on a mountain or a plateau, in a valley or in the plain.Villages speak, as everything does, and they speak primarily through geography. They are land to be read - even though they lost many words - and to be written about.Franco Arminio Varco Appennino (Apennines passage) is an explora

September 2021

ExhibitionPresentation Wednesday, September 8th,

V.I.P. – Various Italian Printmakers, book presentation and a collective exhibition of art silkscreen prints curated by Daniel Tummolillo and Pietro Pasanisi

Leporello reopens its doors with the opening of a collective exhibition dedicated to some of the best Roman silkscreen printers and the presentation of the book that inspired it, V.I.P. - Various Italian Printmakers. On show a selection of silkscreen works by 77 denari - Arturo – Clockwork - Else - Hitnes - Fuori Registro - Mynameisbri – Screamprinting - Vitagrama - Vecchio Stampo - Ver Eversum V.I.P. - Various Italian Printmakers, edited by Daniel Tummolillo and Francesco Ciaponi, published by Edizioni del Frisco, is the first book on art si