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July 2022

On the road July 6th - 10th,

Our safe space for critical thinking on photography | Leporello @leboudoir2.0

Discover the hot topics that leboudoir2.0 and Leporello have carefully chosen to widen and challenge the official program of Les Rencontres d'Arles during the 2022 leboudoir2.0 edition:Radical changesA celebration of togethernessThe power of the archiveCannibal CapitalismGather and share* * *Leporello will share a keen selection of books based on our hot topics you can enjoy every afternoon @ leboudoir2.0 ground floor from 4 to 7 pm.Program and bookshop are hosted at:@leboudoir2.02bis rue La Fontaine13200 ArlesAls

June 2022

Exhibition June 30th, 7 pm,

The paddle boat strategy, by Francesca Crisafulli

What happens when you are a little offshore and let your paddle boat drift?Pulling the oars in the boat, you let yourself be carried along by the current, you lean out into a world where surprises, other life forms, other beings, being other, emerge from the surface of the water.We know, images, in general, lend themselves well to free associations. But every now and then we must also look for strategies that op

June 2022

Exhibition Friday June 17th, 7 pm,

Book display and guided tour of the open air exhibition La città che (non) c’è

The series of meetings held in Piazza Bartolomeo Perestrello  every Thursday from June 16 to July 7 will be joined this year by an exhibition spread throughout the neighborhood, involving public and private spaces, starting at the Leporello bookstore and ending at the Piazza che non c'è.On show Sandro Becchetti, Jean Marc Caimi e Valentina Piccinni, Paolo di Lucente, Simona Filippini, Erik Goengrich, Graciela Iturbide, Anders Petersen, Giovanna Silva, Massimo Siragusa and Joel Sternfeld, with the