October 2021

Presentation Wednesday October 27th,

Book presentation Nsenene, by Michele Sibiloni Edition Patrick Frey

Nsenene are a delicacy and an important source of income in Uganda.Technically bush crickets but generally referred to as “grasshoppers”, nsenene migrate en masse twice a year, right after the two rainy seasons. Huge swarms fill the sky shortly before sunrise. So, night after night during cricket season, many Ugandans stay up till dawn to catch the critters. The omnipresence of the lustrous greenish insects amid the nocturnal mist and the smoke o

October 2021

ExhibitionPresentationWorkshop October 14th - November 18th,

Daniele Villa Zorn, The Divine Tourist curated by Chiara Capodici exhibition and books display

Exhibition opening The Divine Tourist is a project by Daniele Villa Zorn, an elliptical and erratic tale built through a progressive development of analogue collages made by the artist over the past five years.On the occasion of the exhibition at Leporello's, Villa Zorn will intervene on the space of the bookstore with his visual imagery and will present the dummy of the publication together with a selection of originals and a se

September 2021

Presentation 1st - 9th October,

Giacomo Calò – Il mio sogno exhibition curated by Baco – About Photographs

Il Mio Sogno was born from a collection of hundreds of old photographs found at the flea market in Piazza Marina in Palermo. They are portraits taken after World War II, first in Sicily and then around the world, crossing oceans during the years of the Italian economic miracle. They are the biography of Giacomo Calò’s, who left the small fishing village of Arenella (Palermo) to embark on cruise ships to wo