May 2019

22th may, 7 pm,

THE BLACK ISSUE – Rvm Magazine new issue

with Giammaria De Gasperis, Agnese Porto and Francesca Pignataro

The Black Issue

In Bridges, a section between the current issue and the next (Black and Pink Issue) Laura Pannack explores the issue of post Brexit separation, a phenomenon that has geopolitical, socio-economic and even emotional repercussions on people's lives. As always, the heart of the magazine are the five projects: Katrin Koenning and Sarker Protick establish a dreamlike visual dialogue

Books selection

May 2019

Exhibition 9th may, 7 pm,


Night is sublime, day is beautiful. Immanuel Kant. The Gravity of Place is a project made during an artist’s residency at Domaine de Kerguéhennec in Brittany. Kerguéhennec is a contemporary art centre that has over thirty sculptures installed in its surrounding landscape. The place, where other artists have previously left their mark, is charged with memory and meaning. The series explores the concept of ‘place’ as the essence of emotional connection

April 2019

PresentationWorkshop 30 march, 5 pm,

LA CASA DENTRO by Sara Basta

La casa dentro is a book gathering together and reinterpreting the reflexions on the meaning of the word “home” by a group of students of  Accademia di Belle Arti di Roma. The action of sewing intrinsically demands a time for “staying”. Sewing together means sharing that time, allowing oneself to act in the closeness of a relationship. The workshop participants are asked to write and embroider on fabric a word connected to the meaning