April 2024

Workshop 28 July - 4 August 2024,

about photobooks with Chiara Capodici, Juanjo Justicia – Underbau, Israel Ariño and Clara Gassull

Returning to La Babuch is now a ritual and a joy, the kind that reminds us why we like photography and photo books so much, and especially working on their design.

Conceived as a space for intense theoretical and practical reflection, the workshop presents itself as an opportunity to broaden our knowledge of photo book design, at a historical, conceptual, narrative, technical and production level.

We will review all the fundamental aspects of designing a book, from financing and production costs to the editing, design, pre-press and printing process. We will analyse how to organise and conceptualise images to create powerful narratives, how to generate optimal design structures and, finally, how to find the most appropriate form for this content. We will also discuss issues related to new formats and current dissemination and distribution platforms.

Books from La Babuch’s beautiful library will be available to participants, in addition to a selection of publications directly from the Leporello bookshop.

During the course of the week, each participant will work on the production of a publication and an inkjet printer, stationery and a set of binding tools will be available for this purpose.

The workshop is open to all those who wish to deepen their creative processes using the printed page. It is advisable to have an advanced or finished photographic project.

The workshop will be held mainly in Spanish, but La Babuch, besides being a place for conviviality and lovers of good food, is a polyglot space, where it is also possible to speak in French, Italian and English.

Here are a few more details!

For info and registration: lababuch@gmail.com; IG: @lababuch; +33 782597344; +34 671920744

Hours and Infos

28 July - 4 August 2024

Leporello, Via del Pigneto, 162/e – Roma