December 2022

Presentation Friday December 16th, 4-8 pm,

Antonio di Cecco, Effimero

On Friday 16th we’ll have the pleasure to enjoy Antonio Di Cecco and RVM gang company from 4 pm, so to have the chance to have more personal and direct talk about the making of of Effimero.
And at 7 pm a more “official” presentation with a direct on instagram.
Come over!

1 box + 4 leporellos,  published by RVM Hub

Effìmero (or efìmero) adj. [from late Latin ephemĕrus, gr. ἐφήμερος, comp. of ἐπί “above” and ἡμέρα “day”].- 1. a. Which lasts only one day […]

Ephemeral is a poetic homage, in images, to the mountains.

«Antonio Di Cecco’s landscapes stand on very thin, evanescent entities. They force us to poke around in the midst of what appears indistinct, mobile, without matter. A constant work of subtraction of weight, now to the already rarefied air, now to human figures, now to the gaze. The search for a “pensive lightness.” The result is a world almost without gravity.»
— Alberto Bazzucchi

Hours and Infos

Friday December 16th, 4-8 pm
Presentation 7pm

Leporello, Via del Pigneto, 162/e – Roma