Antonio di Cecco, Effimero, 2022

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Effìmero (or efìmero) adj. [from late Latin ephemĕrus, gr. ἐφήμερος, comp. of ἐπί “above” and ἡμέρα “day”]. – 1. a. Which lasts only one day […]

Ephemeral is a poetic homage, in images, to the mountains. “Antonio Di Cecco’s landscapes stand on very thin, evanescent entities. They force us to poke around what appears indistinct, mobile, without matter. A constant work of subtraction of weight, now to the already rarefied air, now to human figures, now to the gaze. The search for a “pensive lightness.” The result is a world almost without gravity.”

— Alberto Bazzucchi

Antonio di Cecco, Effimero
RVM Magazine, 2022
Prima edizione
Illustrazioni Adéla Marie Jirků
Testo Alberto Bazzucchi
Design Francesca Pignataro, Giulia Vallosio
14,3 × 12 cm
4 leporelli fotografici con cofanetto (28 fotografie)
ISBN 978-88-944984-2-4

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