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June 2021

Exhibition Opening Wednesday 16 June, 4-8 pm,

Carlos Lalvay Estrada (PICA) – 6.45

Time to take a train
Time for an appointment
The time of a sunset or sunrise (depending on the season)
Time to tell yourself how much you care
Time for a hug
Time to go out
Time for a protest song
The exposure time for a cyanotype

6.45 stands for 6 minutes and 45 seconds, the exposure time that is used for this series of cyanotypes.
The sheet is impregnated with a photosensitive solution to iron salts with a brush, through quick and spontaneous gestures, and then placed inside a box containing UV rays, which, once activated, impress the sheet making it blue of Prussia.
The combination of different exposure times results in a series of shades.


PICA is an artistic project started in 2012 by Carlos Lalvay Estrada, author of the subjects, and Pietro Repetto, technician of antique printing.

The project has been carried out for two years by Carlos Lalvay Estrada who kept all the technical part but developed a further research approach, playing with the spontaneous gesture, the cutouts, the overlaps, the shapes and different exposure times thus obtaining of unique and untraceable works.

Hours and Infos

16 June to 23 July

Leporello, Via del Pigneto, 162/e – Roma