Carlos Lalvay Estrada (PICA), 8 – Nube in Bilico, 2020

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PICA is an artistic project born in 2012, the result of the collaboration between Carlos Lalvay Estrada, artist, and Pietro Repetto, antique photographic printing technician.

The project is configured as the recovery of one of the oldest photographic printing techniques in a new and almost unexplored key: the reproduction of drawings and works of art through cyanotype.

This process was discovered in 1842 by the British astronomer and chemist John Herschel and in PICA, after more than 150 years, it has found new paths and a new life.


Nube in Bilico, Carlos Lalvay Estrada (PICA)


Hand-printed cyanotype

100% cotton paper

300 gr

Firmata a matita

27,9 x 19,1 cm