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December 2021

ExhibitionPresentation Wednesday December 15th,

Daniele Villa Zorn, The Divine Tourist Finissage and presentation of the posters made on the occasion of the exhibition in Leporello

Daniele Villa Zorn’s exhibition allowed us to experience Leporello to the full as a research space in which to reflect on the material and conceptual nature of a project.
During this period, we have explored together and questioned many aspects of his work, finding a common vision in recognising the matrix nature of Daniele’s collages, in some ways similar to that of a digital file or, to find an easier-to-read example, a photographic negative.

At the conclusion of this research, we are happy to present an edition of posters created ad hoc for the exhibition in the bookshop, which will be on display until Christmas.

From the prints chosen for the exhibition, through a series of attempts, we came up with a series of posters in three different sizes, an ad hoc production for Leporello that freely interprets and plays with the rules of collecting with an edition linked to the images on show in the bookshop plus two that could have been there but that we decided to exclude at the last minute.

After discussing on the importance of indeterminacy, we decided to keep the option of choosing between two types of printing for the two larger formats, one matt and one glossy: our starting and finishing point respectively in terms of print yield for the larger images. The final choice is up to to the prospective buyer, our potential third party,
While on one hand large format prints are reminiscent of the texture and glossiness of large format posters, almost like XXL postcards, on the other they respect a softer texture and are close to a certain type of art print.
Eventually, the small format prints are on matt paper to move away from the immediate association with the paper traditionally associated with the magazine format, which are among the main “raw materials” used by Daniele for the creation of his collages together with books, encyclopaedias and guides focused on the theme of nature and published between the 1950s and the 1970s, in that period in which the relationship between man and nature found at the same time a point of rupture and exacerbation.

A point of rupture that Daniele follows and pursues like a wave, both visually and critically, without, however, an explicit expression of judgement, but once again recognising himself within a process immersed in the forms of paper.

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Hours and Infos

Wednesday December 15th, 7 pm
on show until December 23rd

Leporello, Via del Pigneto, 162/e – Roma