April 2022

Exhibition April 26th,

Folded together, bound together. Windows, (long, narrow) standing upright. center broken, divided in thirds. About the failure to hold a () form.

Elena Bastert, Kristina Bóka, Hanna Christa, Ophelia Flassig, Daniela Graf, Emmi Heckel, Anne Hubmann, Lukas Jantschek, Simone Körner, Corinna Meyer, Rudyard Schmidt, Katharina Steinkohl, Anna Tenzer, Lukas Ulrich, Ali Zobaydi.

A poster exhibition  by the students The Academy of fine Arts in Nuremberg.

106,5 cm x 208 cm – The window of a bookstore, scaled down in proportions to obtain a point – or is it a surface? – at which all the differentials of each individual are allowed to meet.

41 cm x 80 cm – A poster, on paper, folded in the middle and then divided in thirds. The single parts folded and placed inside the other and loosely held together with a rubber band to form a book. How much elasticity is necessary to hold something that wants to expand?

On the occasion of their upcoming trip to Rome and in collaboration with Leporello, the students of the class Baranowsky dealt with their own practice on a poster’s surface. Form follows Function? Hardly. Nothing stands representatively. Not even one of the posters claims. They do not inform, they do not provoke – they are by no means mediators. 

Heike Baranowsky, 2020/21 Rome prize fellow at the Accademia Tedesca Roma Villa Massimo travels with her students from the Nuremberg Fine Art Academy back to Rome. The students carry light luggage. Each of them brings a poster as the most minimal compression of their artistic work.

The Academy of fine Arts in Nuremberg is the oldest art institution north of the Alps.

With the kind support of
Accademia Tedesca Roma Villa Massimo

Hours and Infos

April 26th, 7 pm

Leporello, Via del Pigneto, 162/e – Roma