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December 2019

Exhibition Wednesday 11th December, 7 pm,

FRANTIC by Michela Palermo, opening exhibition

Michela Palermo’s work is related to the process of creating artist books and fanzines with her photographic archive, where images acquire meanings in the relationship she creates though the medium of the book. Her visual research takes shapes into the definition of a form – the page – and of a color – the grain of black and white – able to give back her inner landscapes and dreamlike visions.

With the new collaboration with BACO about photographs, Michela Palermo re-elaborates in fragments this continuous “gazing”, and pushes her research into the process that takes place – for the second time in the darkroom – in the meeting of light and the photographic emulsion , presenting to the public a series of silver gelatine prints, realised by Andrea Campesi and curated by Valentina Sestieri.

On show photographs and collages from the project “The Untitled Box”, made from 2010 to 2018.

Mine is the attempt to show the fragility of my own visions; the possibility that accepts, and perhaps welcomes, the non-linearity of existence, as if each time what happened had never been, or happened in a suspended elsewhere, in a dizzying network of non-uniform, divergent and parallel times, which my gaze cannot witness, but only guess. I take picture to forget, and to rewrite again what it has been ”.
Michela Palermo

Michela Palermo deals with the edition as artistic practice and the diffusion and fruition of photographic work in the publishing field – from self-publishing to independent publishing. For 10 years she has been working in the field of photography and publishing. She works as a photographer for weekly and monthly magazines, creating stories for the publishing market in Italy and abroad. She collaborates with various artists in the design of books: from conception to production, up to the distribution process. She continues her visual research in personal project and works as a freelance designer for publishing projects. She collects fanzines and she is engaging in fostering a passion for Xerox printing. She lives in Palermo since 2016, where she is among the collaborators of MINIMUM, a space dedicated to contemporary photography.

Hours and Infos

11th December - 4th February

Leporello, Via del Pigneto, 162/e – Roma