September 2019

On the road 20 - 22th september,


Leporello will participate to the table of the publishers’ network Drucken Heften Laden with a little selection of publications, invited by Janine Sack (EECLECTIC, Berlin).

September 22th, 5pm
Talk with Chiara Capodici (Leporello photobooks et al.), Janine Sack (EECLECTIC, Berlin) and the artist Erik Göngrich.
Taking Erik Göngrich’s digital (and partly analogue) publication series Atlas of Sculptural Situations as a starting point, Chiara Capodici, Janine Sack and Erik Göngrich talk about creating audiences via different publishing practices.
The Atlas of Sculptural Situations series aims to make a variety of public spaces aesthetically and politically tangible. The approach happens through drawings and photographs that document, describe, analyse, shape, move and evolve the space in question.

Utilizzando come spunto la serie di pubblicazioni digitali (e in parte analogiche) Atlas of Sculptural Situations, di Erik Göngrich, Chiara Capodici (Leporello photobooks et al., Roma), Janine Sack (EECLECTIC, Berlin) e l’artista Erik Göngrich parleranno di come rapportarsi con il pubblico attraverso differenti pratiche editoriali.

La serie Atlas of Sculptural Situations vuole rendere esteticamente e politicamente tangibili una varietà di spazi pubblici. Attraverso fotografia e disegni che documentano, descrivono, analizzano, danno forma, muovono e contribuiscono a cambiare gli spazi in questione.

Hours and Infos

20-22th september

Hamburger Bahnhof – Museum für Gegenwart – Berlin
Staatliche Museen zu Berlin
Invalidenstraße 50–51
10557 Berlin