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The Atlas of Sculptural Situations is a series of spontaneous publications that try to make a variety of public spaces aesthetically and politically tangible. The approach happens through drawings and photographs that document, describe, analyse, shape, move and evolve the space in question.

This is about the search for the sculptural conditions of what reality provides and the historically invisible. About how we can react to urban space in a situational-spatial and performative-materialised way. What does it mean, artistically (but also for urban planning) to be active in public space, if you are interested in being socially effective?

All these approaches, temporary developments and implemen­tations are done with different partners on site and with various authors.

Starting in Rome, where Erik Göngrich is residing from September 2018 to July 2019.

Erik Göngrich, Atlas of Sculptural Situations


2019, First edition

in collaboration with Else edizioni

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