September 2022

On the road Friday September 30th - Sunday October 2nd,

Fruit – Indipendent Art Book Fair Exhibition

Fruit Exhibition is the annual independent art book fair of Bologna.
Open to the public, Fruit Exhibition includes artists’ books, catalogs, graphic design projects, periodicals, stationary and zines.

Besides the fair there is a rich program of talks, workshops and 2 exhibitions:

La strategia del pattìnoThe strategy of the skate

An exhibition by Francesca Crisafulli.

Curated by Chiara Capodici.

A puro caso – A pure chance

A journey through time and space, an exploration of memory as a cue for the investigation of the contemporary landscape.

By Marcello Ruvidotti – photographer and videomaker.

Invitation to the Voyage

Talks and presentations curated by Chiara Capodici, Leporello – photobooks et al.

With this title, referring to a song by Battiato, which in turn refers to a poem by Baudelaire, we like to emphasize the importance of the dimension of the imaginary, of theinterior journey, first and foremost, not necessarily in the mystical or spiritual sense of a somewhat mainstream new age, but in its transcultural, historical and visionary meaning.
Our talks will be journeys in time, in space, they will focus on how images themselves can travel, emphasizing their polysemic power: a network of readings and approaches well syntethized by some publishing projects to which we have dedicated a special panel.

Friday, September 30th, 6 pm

On the Move

The journey of images: the possibilities of semantic transformation of a project through the metamorphosis of a medium and its

manifestations from the wall to the publishing format.

With Francesca Crisafulli, artist and educator, and Chiara Capodici

What relationships exist between the creative process, its different forms and an editing for a publication? How does the meaning of images change? Francesca Crisafulli began a few years ago to photograph forms encountered on the street: images and objects, which she then reconstructs by referring to memory alone, through a declination of automatic rewriting. The images serve here as starting points for possible reconstructions of worlds that are a mixture of real and imaginary.
The publishing house Topipittori commissioned Francesca Crisafulli a children’s book. In designing the book, which is still in its final stages, many of the non-photographic images were eventually discarded, reflecting the “a levare” process that is necessary in a publishing project.

Francesca Crisafulli’s artistic activity ranges from sculpture to graphic art, from illustration to design, to the creation of workshops for children on art and recycling. In 2000, together with Carlo Nannetti, she founded Mook, with which she creates and produces sculptures and objects with recycled materials, unique pieces that arise from the collection and assemblage of material “discarded by time.” In parallel with the creation of objects, she focuses on research and production in the iconographic-editorial field.

Friday, October 30, 8 pm


TheEuropeans in the Time of Europe

Talk with Rob Hornstra, photographer

The Europeans is a decade-long research collaboration between writer Arnold van Bruggen and photographer Rob Hornstra, the second one after working together on The Sochi Project, a five-year work devoted to the region around Sochi, the Russian resort where the 2014 Winter Olympics were held. Henri Cartier Bresson published his book Les Européens in 1955, looking for a broader identity that went beyond national identities and local customs; more than 60 years later, Hornstra and Van Bruggen question who are today’s Europeans in a Europe struggling amid new and growing nationalist and populist movements, where the political dream of a united and peaceful Europe seems on the verge of shattering?
Hornstra and Van Bruggen plan to document 20 European regions by 2030. Each region will hold an exhibition and see the publication of a volume dedicated to the documented territory.

Rob Hornstra is a Dutch photographer whose main focus is on long-term documentary projects. Hornstra has always been active in communication practices involving multiple media, chief among them publishing, his publication strategies work on multiple levels and are actively intertwined with the motivations and goals of his research.

Saturday, Oct. 1st, 6 pm


Future Memories: how are changing our visions of the future, how are they affected by our past, and how do they influence our present?

Talk with Nico Krebs and presentation of the book Future Memories, by Taiyo Onorato & Nico Krebs, published by Edition Patrick Frey

Future Memories explores how our conceptions of the future have changed in recent decades, how this affects our view of the present and our reactions to the changes ahead. Recreated by Taiyo Onorato & Nico Krebs mostly from archival material, the images in this book are a material exploration of the fact that every vision or illustration of the future is meant to be a collage of images from the past. Using a combination of large-format analog photography and various digitally controlled laser technologies, the artists have created a visual world that alludes to and takes an associative approach to an emotional world that swings back and forth between the optimism of the artists’ childhood and the dystopia of the present.

Taiyo Onorato & Nico Krebs are two Swiss artists cllaborating in projects that intertwine the use of photography, film and installation.

Sunday October 2nd, 3 pm


Visions of travel and crossings of space, time and identity

With Cristina Marasti, Iperborea; Marco Agosta, The Passenger; Dionigi Mattia Gagliardi, Numero Cromatico; Federica Boragina and Giulia

Brivio, Studio Boîte

Iperborea is an independent publishing house founded by Emilia Lodigiani in 1987 to introduce literature from the Northern European area to Italy. In addition to Scandinavian countries (Sweden, Denmark, Norway, and Finland), Iperborea publishes Baltic, Dutch, Canadian, and Icelandic literature (including ancient medieval sagas), a children’s fiction series (I Miniborei), and a series dedicated to Tove Jansson’s Mumin strips.
Since 2018 he has been launching The Passenger series, a book-magazine collecting surveys, literary reports, and narrative essays that form a portrait of the contemporary life of a country or city (not only in Northern Europe) and their inhabitants. Since 2020 The Passenger has also been translated into English, published and distributed worldwide in co-publication with Europa Editions.

Boîte is a research and publishing studio related to contemporary art. Founded in 2009, until 2018 it published the eponymous ‘boxed’ magazine dedicated to the visual arts and, since 2014, it has been curating and producing artist’s books and publishing-related projects to support contemporary artistic research through the book form. The magazine is a cardboard box, in a limited edition of 250 copies, that holds loose sheets, images and words that aim to investigate the paths of 20th and 21st century art.

Numero Cromatico has, since its founding, been carrying out editorial activity through the publication of accurate art editions. The main publication is Nodes, an international journal on the relationship between art and science.

Here all the participants:
5X Letterpress (Italia), AIAP (Italia), Alvorturazine (Italia), Almanacco Press (Italia), Anita Scianò (Italia), Anna Giuntini-Iroiroworld (Italia), Anomali (Italia), Anonima Impressori (Italia), APRI (Italia), Archivio Magazine (Italia), Baco About Photographs (Italia), Beauroma Books (Italia), BEKKO (Italia), BOLO Paper (Italia), Cabin Boy Studio (Italia), Calluna Cartilegi (Italia), Canicola (Italia), Checkpoint Charly (Italia), Cicuta (Italia), Collettivo Canederli (San  Marino), Collettivo Franco (Italia), Compulsive Archive (Italia), Condylura+Xong (Italia), Costanza Coletti (Italia), Curatela Placebo (Italia), Damocle Edizioni (Italia), Damiano Boldrini (Italia), Dito Publishing (Italia), École supérieure d’arts & médias de Caen/Cherbourg (Francia), Eki Magazine (Italia), Elfi Seidel (Germania), Federico Blu di Prussia (Italia), Flow Photozine (Italia), FranZine (Italia), FRUTE (Italia), Fuori Formato (Italia), Galleria D406 disegno contemporaneo (Italia), Galleria Disastro (Italia), Giada Fuccelli (Italia), Giorgiabaloo (Italia), Howphelia (Italia), Illustation (Italia), Inferno 5 (Italia), Ivana Spinelli (Italia), KABUL Magazine (Italia), Kristian Ujhelji (Austria), Le Palle (Italia), Leporello-Photobooks et al. (Italia), Libri Finti Clandestini (Italia), Libri Tasso (Italia), Lievito Creative LAB (Italia), Lisa Gelli (Italia), Lök Zine (Italia), Lucangelo Bracci (Italia), Maaterials (Italia), Marcello Ruvidotti (Italia), Marco Brancato (Italia), Margotmao (Italia), Marisa Ventura (Italia), Mel The Sketcher (Italia), Memorial Paint (Italia), Mia Martì (Spagna), Mira Mink (Finlandia), Mulieris Magazine (Italia), Noi, libreria progetto TATO (Italia), Nerofumo680 (Italia), Numero Cromatico (Italia), Obsolete Shit (Italia), Officina del giorno dopo (Italia), Officina Typo (Italia), Officine Amaro (Italia), Papièl di Carmine Luino (Italia), Panopticon (Italia), Polenta Malgazine (Italia), Press Press (Italia), Rapso (Italia), Red Lab Edizioni (Italia), Robida (Italia), Rollingsteel (Italia)  Saleh Kazemi (Iran/Italia), Salvatore Liberti (Italia), Sigaretten Edizioni Grafiche (Italia), Studio Boîte (Italia), Studio Makebu (Italia), Studio Saor (Italia), Suppergiú Magazine (Italia), Suren Hash (Mongolia), Taller Trez (Colombia), Testa Imperfetta (Italia), Valeria Cardetti (Italia), VIAINDUSTRIAE (Italia), Vincenzo Sparagna (Italia), Virginia Elena Patrone Illustrations (Italia), Zanna Dura (Italia).

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Hours and Infos

Friday September 30the: 17– 01 (market closes at 22); h.22:30 concert byStefano Ricci

Saturday October 1st: 11 – 01; h.22 dj set

Sunday October 2nd: 11 – 0.30 (market closes at 21:30); h.21 final party

Dumbo, Bologna, via Camillo Casarini 19