September 2021

Presentation 1st - 9th October,

Giacomo Calò – Il mio sogno exhibition curated by Baco – About Photographs

Il Mio Sogno was born from a collection of hundreds of old photographs found at the flea market in Piazza Marina in Palermo. They are portraits taken after World War II, first in Sicily and then around the world, crossing oceans during the years of the Italian economic miracle.

They are the biography of Giacomo Calò’s, who left the small fishing village of Arenella (Palermo) to embark on cruise ships to work as a waiter towards exotic, distant destinations. Instead of the places he visited, Giacomo obsessively portrayed himself; we discover the destinations only in the notes behind the prints (Bombay, New Delhi, Cape Town, Hong Kong).

A genuine photographic gesture, that of someone who wants to mark his presence and leave proof of his existence, as if he were pinching himself to make sure he was not dreaming.

Hours and Infos

Friday 1st October
streaming on instagram from 7 pm

Book presentation with
Valentina Sestieri and Andrea Campesi, Baco - About Photography

Saturday 2nd October, 4-8 pm

On the occasion of Openhouse, you'll find both curators in Leporello, looking forward to share with the visitors how they met giacomo Calò and how this encounter became a book and an exhibition.

Leporello, Via del Pigneto, 162/e – Roma