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December 2019

Presentation Friday, December 20th, 7 pm,

Libri Finti Clandestini

Libri Finti Clandestini is an experimental project based on the concept of recycle, in relation with design and publishing. Its aim is to create real book just using paper that people consider to be rubbish: paper coming from paper mills, found in abandoned buildings, letterpress printing proofs and more…
Indeed, dedicating a lot of time and attention to researching materials and working on ideas, the project concerns the creation of books and sketchbooks (patiently assembled one by one, hand-bound, stamped and numbered) and the production of small pop-up editions (20-50-100 copies) and single-piece leporello books about an imaginary of the late nineteenth century, in which bizarre characters move and come to life when the pages are opened.

Hours and Infos

Friday, December 20th, 7 pm

Leporello, Via del Pigneto, 162/e – Roma