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May 2020

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Voyage en pays du Clermontois (2019). A project by Israel Ariño and Clara Gassull

“Since July 2017, I have had the chance to roam around the small towns of the Pays du Clermontois, adopting a particular way of wandering, choosing to return to places without history and moments of everyday life at different times in the year. I wanted to confront the happenstance of walking, the desire to photograph intermediate spaces which in some way intrigued me.

I tried to re-read this territory, to short-circuit it, to create a personal account loaded with “revelations”, where behind the surface of each image, there lay another. Here, images question the past while reflecting on the future.  All the pictures were shot in black and white and then colorized by Clara Gassull who had a free hand to review the images. The colour work is an element of transfiguration, sometimes perverse, which impels us to rethink our perception of territory, to reverse reality and, ultimately, to make it poetic.

There is never any question of making a moral judgment on the places covered. The purpose is more to get rid of a whole series of codes, peremptory ideas and clichés associated with the knowledge of a place, with a view to uncovering, at the journey’s end, the meaning of this place.

As part of this creative residency on the small town communities of Clermont, Ediciones Anómalas and Diaphane éditions have published the book, Voyage en pays du Clermontois.”

Israel Ariño

Photographer and publisher at Ediciones Anómalas. The foundation of his work is his own history. All the memories and experiences from Israel past come together subconsciously. They form a kind of fragmented and symbolic narrative. Israel’s intention is to provoke a strong emotional experience that transcends from the individual to the masses to evoke a world somewhere between real and imaginary, between lived experiences and dreams, between metaphor, geography, and autobiography. His work is represented by Galerie VU (Paris), Box Galerie (Brussels), Roy Kahmann Gallery and Fifty Dots Gallery (Barcelona). https://israelarino.com/ ; https://www.edicionesanomalas.com/en/

Clara Gassull

Artist and art educator.Clara uses photography along with drawing, writing, sculpture, video, and performance to explore her interests. Her work is focused on the possibilities of play and place aswell as the relationship between these two words. She also works as an educator finding new ways of artistic expression within familiar and school workshops. Her work is represented by Fiftydots Gallery (Barcelona). http://claragassull.com/

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