March 2019

Through the book(s) 8th march, 7 pm,

STILL / MOVING / STILL OBA (open by appointment) at leporello

There is a cliché for which adapting a content passing from a media to another, for instance the film adaptation of a book, is a useless operation. The many adaptations and versions of the fundamental 1962 short film by Chris Marker, La Jetée -which in turn is inspired by Hitchcock's Vertigo-, but also Psycho book adaptation by RJ Anobile, show on the opposite not only a way more complex relationship between the starting informat

March 2019

Exhibition 27th february, 7 pm,

I MADE THEM RUN AWAY by Martina Zanin

“It was summer and like many children I was spending my days at a summer camp. One evening I came home very excited and after having dinner with my grandmother I went upstairs where my mother and I lived with the intention of going to sleep. As soon as I entered I saw my mother and a man sitting on the couch watching television. My mother asked me how the day had gone and I

February 2019

20th february, 7 pm,

STONE BUTTERFLY by Cristina Ferraiuolo

Cristina Ferraiuolo spent many yeas taking pictures of her city, Naples, wondering around the neighbourhoods with her scooter, always open to new encounters. She takes pictures of female teenagers, nowadays proud Amazons, riding their scooters like she did, conquering few meters of their surroundings in a crazy ride, ready to rock the world in that very short moment of their lives when everything seems possible. Cristina's street photography is of an intimate kind, almost a

February 2019

Presentation 13th February, h19,


Sofia Ricciardi, here at her first solo show, works with collage using contemporary art magazines as raw material for her projects. With a cheerful irony, at least in appearance, she focuses on fragmentation and impermanence and on the varied balance between familiar and unfamiliar. On the occasion of her exhibition at Leporello she produced a fanzine, on show together with a series of works on paper and a concrete sculpture painted with acrylic paint.

January 2019

Through the book(s) 24th january, 7 pm,


curated by Etaoin Shrdlu Studio — Edda Bracchi and Stefano Cremisini. Pages are paper islands filled with words. Yet within an atlas there is the whole globe. A book can tell us a lot about a space but the space it occupies in our library may not be indifferent. This selection is a part of our research work on typography that compares with the graphic design on paper and in the exhibition space. It is a