Lorenzo Castore, 2001-2007 | Lack & Longing, 2022

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LACK & LONGING is the second chapter of TIME-MAZE, a collection of independent volumes published according to a progressive chronology dictated by the author’s life time.


‘In 2001, I was living in Rome and didn’t really know where to put my head. I was 27 years old and had already been taking photographs in my own way for some time, but I did not know how to turn this practice into something more concrete. In the meantime, I was trying to gain experience, earn some money any way I could and improve my technique. I regularly went to Silesia, Poland, and spent long periods there. I was worried about the future and the desire for change pushed me elsewhere, so I decided to move to Milan…’

Lorenzo Castore, 2001-2007 LACK & LONGING

L’Artiere, 2022

First edition

20×28 cm

164 pages, fb/w photography



ISBN 9783161484100

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