AAVV, Metafotografia, 2019

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Does the image show an inevitable metaphoricity, as Blumenberg thinks, connected to the awareness of a crisis of the philosophical claims of knowledge and universality? Is the image a seductive medium at the service of illusionism? Is the material image simulation of a higher and more complex form that circulates in the universe and that can be intercepted by the most sensitive and receptive minds? Or are there no images of higher rank, and are everyone able to democratically benefit from the basin of figurative possibilities? But if we consider the material image as a simulation, is it then other than the image it has tried to embody, and in the best of cases universal remotely refers to something of the image? Or if his identification or projection was unsuccessful, could it be that what he showed was only an incomplete, partial figuration, or a simulacrum?

AAVV, Metafotografia


October 2019

Works by Giulia Flavia Baczynski, Alessandro Calabrese, Paolo Ciregia, Giorgio Di Noto, Irene Fenara, Simone Monsi, Maurizio Montagna, Caterina Morigi, Alberto Sinigaglia, Lamberto Teotino, The Cool Couple, Alba Zari.

Text by Mauro Zanchi & Sara Benaglia

Designed by CH-RO-MO

24 x 30,5 cm

ISBN 978-8894895247

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