Alessio Bolzoni, Action Reaction, 2020


Bolzoni’s artistic research has always been aimed at investigating the human being and his limits, analyzing the poetics of the frontier spaces between the individual and his environment. In spring 2020, during the terminal phase of the lockdown for the Coronavirus pandemic, Bolzoni creates Action Reaction, which involves the city of Milan through a series of billboards scattered throughout the urban fabric. The enclosed bodies protrude from the billboards, surprise the accidental passersby and multiply with them.

Action Reaction by Alessio Bolzoni engages, in an expanded photographic geometry, performatic acts through which the bodies and the identities that inhabit them allude to acts of physical contrast, muscular tension, acrobatic vicissitudes, contractions, imbalances, twists, bends, falls and rises.  – Teresa Macrì

Alessio Bolzoni, Action Reaction

Flash Art, 2020

Publishers Gea Politi and Cristiano Seganfreddo
Authors Teresa Macrì, Gea Politi, Cristiano Seganfreddo
Art director Alessio Avventuroso
Graphic design by Agenzia del Contemporaneo
Editorial coordination by Flash Art

23 × 30 cm
54 pages, color images

Poster as jacket of 90×60 cm

ISBN 9788831310024