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“Anarchism is not the vision, based on conjectures, of a future society, but the description of a human way of organizing oneself rooted in the experience of everyday life.” Colin Ward

For many anarchy is an unthinkable social model based on chaotic disorganization. For others it is instead a generous but impractical utopia. Overturning both interpretations, Ward sees it as an effective form of non-hierarchical organization, a living social reality that has always existed and still exists in the folds of the dominant society of domination. Using a wide variety of sources, the author convincingly articulates his deliberately paradoxical thesis, with topics drawn from sociology, anthropology, cybernetics, industrial psychology, but also from experiences in the field of planning, work, of the game…

Colin Ward (1924-2010) was an architect, journalist, teacher, but above all one of the greatest anarchist thinkers of the second half of the twentieth century.

Colin Ward, Anarchia come organizzazione
Elèuthera editrice
224 pages, paperback