Susanne Kriesmann, Ashes And Broken Brickworks Of A Logical Theory, 2010

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This book can be read as an inventory of the trajectory that Kriemann pursued in relation to archaeology, to the artefact, to the image of the individual at work and the idea of the desert as a symbol of the modern desire to create an empty slate, a tabula rasa. Material from Agatha Christie’s photographic archives is related to photographs that Kriemann produced of the Syrian Desert and archaeological sites in Mesopotamia.

Ashes And Broken Brickwork Of A Logical Theory

Susanne Kriesmann, Roma Publications, 2010

Texts by Dieter Roelstraete, Wim Waelput, Axel John Wieder

Design by Christopher Jung and Tobias Wenig

13 x 19,5 cm


ISBN: 978-9077459447

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