AA.VV, Cose Spiegate Bene – A proposito di libri, 2021

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The Post is known for its excellent content, Iperborea has further conquered the market with The Passenger. The union of content and container results in Cose spiegate bene, a new magazine that inaugurates the collaboration between the online newspaper and the Nordic publishing house. Cose spiegate bene, which kicks off with A proposito di libri (About books), will explain things well, it will not take them for granted, it will provide a universally understandable approach responding to the need of some readers to get hold of quality information through a beautiful and rich object. Cose spiegate bene is designed to focus on topics that are not volatile, that do not become dated in a few months. And it is designed to be an object with a pleasantness that touches the reader in his need to possess the book object.

AA.VV, Cose spiegate bene. A proposito di libri

Iperborea, 2021

Curatore: Arianna Cavallo, Giacomo Papi

Illustratore: Giacomo Gambinieri

240 pagine


ISBN: 978-8870919769