Gaetano de Crecchio, Vocis Imago, 2021

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“The wreck, landed on the banks of a river or on a beach, which we handle is at first sight an object adrift without an apparent will of its own, without apparent importance or usefulness. Underestimating the clues can be the result of a vision dictated by haste. It is precisely in the face of these revelations that we need to take time, observe the object with all the senses, change its position, not think about its conventional role. What appears to us only as a piece of wood has ceased to be a tree since it broke away from it and came out of a cycle. It has lost its natural function since it died, a death that turns out not to have a definitive nature. What brought it back to life is a series of processes such as smoothing, the abrasion of the collision with the waves, the wind or the rock. Its rolling or rocking. What brings it back to life is the encounter with a human being specialized in creative and regenerative acts. “

– Dario Coletti

Gaetano de Crecchio, Vocis Imago

Dito Publishing, 2021

Primo titolo della collana di libri d’artista Nebulosa

Testo di Dario Coletti

Book design di DITO Publishing

24,5×12 cm

22 pagine, illustrazioni in bianco e nero, fogli sciolti in cartelletta