Roberto Kusterle, ECHO, 2019

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Echo is the story of a journey that takes the steps left, known, reassuring and a human scale, undertaken with the desire to dissolve ancient bonds, to go to places still unknown, immense and distant.

The latter, however, already exist in a certain way linked to the artist’s imagination. The starting world is real, described the present and the past, while the place of arrival is the result of an invention, it is a vision and tension to the future. The narrated journey is also a celebration of the artistic creative process that is not without fatigues, difficulties, obstacles, second thoughts. The vision of the mountains is a kind of goal to be achieved.

An image of a sculptural foot, bare and dusty, alludes to the fatigue of the journey and the need to abandon all the comforts of the known and contemporary world. In this journey the artist is in solitude, looking for a relationship of intimacy with nature in which he finds himself even if simply in the sound of an echo: the return of his voice in the void and in the distance he has from these mountains. In this journey to find yourself and merge with nature, follow the trusty and to follow map is imagination.

Roberto Kusterle
Studio Faganel

edition of 250

Text: Sara Occhipinti
Translation: Roberta Cuffolo
Design: Maggot brain

24 x 17 cm
English / Italian
ISBN: 978-88-943821-3-6

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