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“I looked for common elements of the two instances of the universe and the everyday. I found objects, subjects, places that can act as a bridge between the two terms. I consciously constructed other images, with conceptual operations, to verify thought processes and find formal proofs: images that look like photographs of constellations taken from the telescope but which are actually possible events in a room Images that refer to planets shapes and surfaces but which are traces of cakes left on baking paper Images of point-like traces as if they were atomic particles free of any bond or uncertain snapshots of distant constellations, while instead they are particles, but of dust, suspended in the air of an attic.Stornelli in flight, still constellations.The tuff walls of the Fontanelle cemetery in Naples, possible geographies of remote worlds. ”
– Alessandro Ruzzier

Alessandro Ruzzier
Studio Faganel
300 copies

Artistic direction: Giulia Iacolutti
Text: Giorgia Gastaldon, Alessandro Ruzzier
Translation: Sara Occhipinti, Roberta Giurissevich
Translation review: Paola Sorrentino

Softcover with jacket
24 x 17 cm
English / Italian
ISBN: 978-88-943821-2-9

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