Rosa Tiziana Bruno, Educare al Pensiero Ecologico, 2020

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Never before have we felt the need to create a sustainable habitat and new forms of relationships between man and nature. For this urgency to become a reality, an education in ecological thinking is necessary that also and above all affects children and young people. What is needed is a new educational paradigm involving schools and families, based on the combination of ethical principles and cognitive development. The essay by Rosa Tiziana Bruno, a sociologist and author for children, proposes the path experienced in kindergarten to develop the so-called eco-wisdom, or the intimate awareness of the connection that binds us to all living beings.

Rosa Tiziana Bruno, Educare al Pensiero Ecologico
Topipittori, 2020
16,6 x 24 cm
208 pages

ISBN 9788833700540


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