Ilias Georgiadis, VIALATTEA, 2020

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“Vialattea”(2017-2020) happened without a specific pattern of expression and approach. It captured the process of taking a deep breath after coping with the drama of the human condition. A natural process of moving forward while turning our gaze into matter, soil and collective memory. This book is a galaxy of flashbacks, memories of light, sometimes intelligible, sometimes barely mentioned. A cinematographic variation of photography fast and melancholic as fragments of a life rethought from the window of a moving train.”

Ilias Georgiadis
Origini edizioni, Leporello
Edition of 200 copies numbered and signed.
Project, design and realisation by Valentino Barachini and Chiara Capodici.
Copywriting by Matilde Vittoria Laricchia.
English translation by Massimiliano Barachini.
44 pages, close book dimensions: 24 x 32 cm

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