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Miguel Romero, ELIPSIS, 2019

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The analogical world is associated with memory, with a time when rolls of film were needed in order to capture photographs. We’d pick up our camera, take pictures, put it away again and, some time later we’d bring it out once more to take further pictures.

The images had been captured on the negatives, aligned and separated by a black line that established unexpected connections between them.

The time that elapsed between one photo and the next, which could be short or long, was reflected in those strips of celluloid, where the stills were fated to live beside one another, or against one another, in a randomly created game.

I’ve always been drawn to such time leaps, to the sweet fate of images destined to remain together for life, and in this frame of mind I’ve returned to my analogical past. The result is Ellipsis, a work that consists of a number of connected photos, separated by the time we take in picking up our camera once again.

Miguel Romero
Ediciones Anomalas

Design: underbau
12 x 19 cm
48 pages

ISBN 978-84-09-08442-5