AAVV, Foam #61 Talent, 2022

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The 20 fascinating artists selected for the 2022 edition of Foam Magazine’s Talent Issue look closely at the world around us, and the one within — without shying away from discomfort or pain. They use the photographic medium to respond to, digest and navigate a world that continues to present new challenges and problematic structures. Climate change, political conflict, discrimination, displacement, and social justice issues: the works address the pressing problems of our times and remind us that photography has the capability to capture the unspeakable.

This year, the submission numbers reached a record high of 1938 submissions from 85 different countries. FOAM is proud to present a selection that offers as much food for thought as beauty and innovation for the medium.

AAVV, Foam #61 Talent

Foam, 2022

288 pages

30 x 23 x 2,3 cm

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