Leonardo Caffo, Fragile umanità, 2017

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Anthropocentrism is built on the presumed superiority of mankind over other forms of life, as well as that of certain humans over others: but what happens when we discover that we are of the same substance as all living beings on the planet? When the properties that we thought made us special, such as mental life or the ability to suffer, also manifest themselves in what we naively define “non-human”, then humanity, as a closed system of classical humanism, dissolves. Many solutions have been proposed to this question, but each one, taken individually, is not enough. The post-human, as expressed here, as opposed to the first unsuccessful attempts of the last decade of this past millennium, is aimed at repositioning humanity in an integrated scheme in Nature, towards an overcoming of anthropocentrism, and the construction of a new narrative for our future.

Leonardo Caffo, Fragile umanità
Eiunaudi, 2017

Graphics by Dario Zannier

10,5 x 18cm
136 pagine
Copertina morbida

ISBN 9788806231118