AAVV, Friscospeaks n. 4, 2021

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The fourth issue of the six-monthly magazine of independent culture conceived and produced by Edizioni del Frisco and Concretipo Studio.
Artists of every kind, illustrations, comics, reviews and interviews; all in a hilarious fourth issue not to be missed!

Works by Zeno Peduzzi, Rossana Calbi, Gerlanda Di Francia, Marco Fatticcioni, Paolo “Pollo” Cioni, Serena Schinaia, Testi Manifesti, Andrea Zambrero, Anna Piera Di Silvestre, Nadia Gelsomina, Giampo Coppa and Andrea Pacini.
Interviews with Mr. Edwards, Derek Yaniger, Estudio Oscuro, One Horse Design, Mulga The Artist, High Road Design, Marlou Browaeyes and Jimbo Phillips.
Reviews of Fanzines (Fanzinoteca La Pipette Noir), Magazines (Frab’s magazine) and independent comics (Poor Maecenas).
Fanzine host Market Cafe Magazine
Risograph poster by Josha Jefferson.
Supported by FAVINI Papers.

AAVV, Friscospeaks 4

Edizioni del Frisco, 2021

Editor Edizioni del Frisco, Concretipo Studio

Art director Francesco Ciaponi

21 x 14,5 cm

120 pages



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