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Ariella Azoulay, From Palestine to Israel, 2011

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In this carefully curated and beautifully presented photobook, Ariella Azoulay offers a new perspective on four crucial years in the history of Palestine/Israel. The book reconstructs the processes by which the Palestinian majority in Mandatory Palestine became a minority in Israel, while the Jewish minority established a new political entity in which it became a majority ruling a minority Palestinian population. By reading over 200 photographs from that period, most of which were previously confined to Israeli state archives, Azoulay recounts the events and the stories that for years have been ignored or only partially acknowledged in Israel and the West. Including substantial analytical text, this book will give activists, scholars and journalists a new perspective on the origins of the Palestine-Israel conflict.

Ariella Azoulay, From Palestine to Israel

PlutoPress, 2011

First pubblication in Hebrew from Resling Publishing House, 2009

21 x 14,7 cm

256 pages

Soft cover


ISBN 9780745331690

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