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The series « Images of a floating world » originates from contemplation, astonishment for what we see and reconsideration of the perceptual ambiguity that manifests itself in the landscape. Its compositions are characterized by a lack of perspective and shadows, round shapes with smooth contours, images that move inward through the surface and then sink into the illusion of the image. The landscape becomes an intangible but transparent image, mysterious and full of many echoes in other languages. The series favours abstraction of forms, the fuzzy line, although it always seeks to offer a way out through which our imagination can slip.

Israel Ariño, Images d’un monde flottant
Selfpublished (by Les Editions Impossibles)
2011, First edition/25 copies  edizione/25 copie
Design by Carina Fecundo
Handcrafted by Àngels Arroyo / Tinta Invisible
44 x 32 cm
Portfolio of 10 heliogravures on Hahnemüle paper  27 x 40 cms


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