Mariana Chiesa Mateos, Furia di Lama, 2021

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“This folder contains eight silk-screen prints by Else Edizioni originally made in woodcut. The Furia di Lama project was born in 2016 following the conflicts in the Middle East, the consequent mass migrations and the death of thousands of people in the Mediterranean and other regions of the world.

I have used the texts of writers who have spoken out against violence in its many aspects, who have opposed war, who have lived in exile.
The rejection of war also extends to all different forms of violence including economic poverty as State violence. Added to this is the growing violence against women and dissident bodies with the tragic increase in femicides.
The Spanish writer Gloria Fuertes is present with a very evocative phrase: La patria no es una bandera, ni una pistol. The homeland is un niño que nos mira.Dylan Thomas with his poem And death shall have no dominion whose translation into Spanish Y la muerte no tendrá poder is attributed to Juan Gelman.
I got to know this text through the musical version of the “Cuarteto Cedrón”. This image was composed in Argentina in La Plata, in the “Magia negra” printing workshop.
Virginia Woolf is cited with a fragment from Three Guinee, published in 1938, where the writer analyzes and criticizes the patriarchal society based on domination that leads inexorably to war.
The portrait of Angela Davis is accompanied by the phrase that gives the title to her book Freedom is a constant struggle.
The images of the migrant caravan and women in Lucha por la tierra were made especially for this folder. “Fight for the land” is a tribute to the living activists and to all those who have been murdered in an attempt to defend their territories against extractive policies. Among those I portrayed are Berta Cáceres, Marielle Franco, Francia Márquez, Moira Millán.
Enough ya! De violencia contra nuestros cuerpos territorios is an appeal to stop the recolonization of the territories of indigenous people, peasants and the bodies of women and children in Latin America, where brutal repressive practices, sexual violence, extractivism and continuous dispossession are reality daily.
Because, as the anthropologist Rita Segato argues, all violence is patriarchal.”

Mariana Chiesa Mateos

Mariana Chiesa Mateos, Furia di lama

ELSE edizioni, 2021

Edition of 50 numbered and signed pieces

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