Marta Sellarés Gutiérrez, La casa de piedra, 2021

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La casa de pietra is a project that develops through the network of relationships that are established between places and individuals, exploring the imaginary created and felt, which is a constant in our memory. Perceived in a more or less conscious way, this territory manifests itself within us at the same moment in which we find ourselves in it, configuring our vital space. In this way, the work revolves around familiar spaces and what happens in them. Each element is photographed from an autobiographical point of view, configuring an emotional cartography in a way of relating to and in space.

Marta Sellarés Gutiérrez, La casa de piedra

Ediciones anomalas, 2021

First edition

14 x 10 cm

80 pages


Spanish / English

ISBN 978-84-09-25736-2

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