Giorgio Andreotta Calò, Gloria, 2021

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This diary, written between August 24 and October 2, 2019, is an account of a forty-day journey on foot from Venice to L’Aquila along the ideal furrow of the Gloria Fault. This is the name given to the underground fracture where the European and African clods meet, which crosses most of Italy and is responsible for the telluric events that often strike the peninsula, its morphogenesis and its anthropological and cultural peculiarities. On the contrary, the path retraced the directrix of transmission of the seismic waves of the earthquake that hit Central Italy in 2016, in an attempt to give life to a ritual and apotropaic action that reflects on the state of crisis generated by the earthquake. The notion of motus is investigated and translated by Giorgio Andreotta Calò through the gesture of walking, in its correspondence with the telluric movement, terrae motus that propagates at a distance like a call.

Giorgio Andreotta Calò, Gloria


13,5 x 19,4 cm

320 pages


Italian, english

ISBN 9788899385781

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