Giulia Hrvatin, I remember everything, 2021

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This project combines memories, dreams and wishes, bringing to life that feeling of longing and truthfulness that comes with first loves — like an endless moment suspended in time. The work questions how much of what we remember is real, and how much is a projection of what might have been. Thus, do they look like memories or are they memories? There are photos mixed with hand written words, pieces of paper, flowers. All immaterial, like in a trompe l’oeil or almost. I remember everything is made of nostalgic memories of the past, it gets lost in the desires of the present, but it also looks to the future waiting for new possibilities — because even if we lost someone and we wish we never felt anything instead of pain, feel something we did. And in time we heal, we forget the pain, and all that’s left is the beauty of love, and that moment when everything seemed possible.

Giulia Hrvatin, I remember everything

Self-published, 2021

Curated by Augusto Pieroni

Design Giulia Hrvatin

15×21 cm

84 pages

Faux leather hardcover with engraving


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