Andrea Pertoldeo, Antonello Frongia, Il roseto – Esercizi sui piccoli luoghi, 2022

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An ordinary place, a piece of ordinary nature at the edge of the inhabited world. Nothing but whiteness of snow melting in the sun, on a bright day. Slender shrubs, twisted branches of wild roses reaching out into the clear air of a late winter. A sequence of thirty-eight photographs, thirty-eight precision exercises on looking and attention: silent, step-by-step reflections on space, light, the colors of the day. A six-part essay, moving backward from these images to meditate on the gravitas of photography in the modest existence of small places.

Andrea Pertoldeo, Antonello Frongia, Il roseto Esercizi sui piccoli luoghi

Quodlibet, 2022

Text by Antonello Frongia

Design by Teresa Piardi, Maxwell Studio

24×30 cm

96 pages


Italian, English

ISBN 9788822908728

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