Joan Fontcuberta, IMAGO, ERGO SUM, 2016

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“Imago Ergo Sum” brings together the most important milestones in the career of conceptual artist Joan Fontcuberta (born 1955), through three approaches: the work itself; the book as an object; and the exhibition. Trained in advertising and raised in Franco’s Spain, Fontcuberta has been creating postmodern works of photography since the mid-80s, co-opting all forms of media and public communication to breed distrust in the truth of the image. Edited and created under the supervision of Fontcuberta himself, this book of his books, as well as a compendium of the work and the semantic and visual games of this master of Spanish photography. The volume includes a text by the key figures of Catalan contemporary culture, Josep Ramoneda, and by the curator of the exhibition, Sema DAcosta, as well as an interview with the photographer.

Joan Fontcuberta
LA Fabrica
149 pages, 23×27.5 cm

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