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Dana Lixenberg, IMPERIAL COURTS 1993 — 2015, 2016

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In 1992, Lixenberg wandered around South Central Los Angeles, under a magazine commission, to document the history of the riots following the trial of Rodney King. The intense human experience experienced by the author will become a necessary reason to return to the same places, return again and then again, for the next 22 years. In this way, gradually, Lixenberg managed to create a changing portrait of the community. Over the years, someone was killed, someone disappeared, others went to jail. The children of his first photographs grew up, became adults, some now have children of their own. What the author does is record the inexorable flow of time, within a “minor” community.

Dana Lixenberg, Imperial Courts 1993 – 2015
Roma Publications

2016, Second edition
Design by Roger Willems

296 pages, 24 x 31 cm
Black and white photos